I wrote in 1993 the booklet titled ENKELEN VAN DE ENKELEN.

The book is about the young catholic couple  Frans en Mien Wijnakker, living in the southern part of the Netherlands. They took in the war a number of Jewish people in their home, including children, who were threatened with deportation to Germany. 

The booklet was a special tribute to their heroic actions. It is good that their actions are well known. 

My book is based on a large number of conversations with Frans Wijnakker and with some of the people in hiding.  

Marty Brounstein has published in 2011 Two Among the Righteous Few. Large parts of Two Among the Righteous Few are a literal translation of ENKELEN VAN DE ENKELEN.

Mr Brounstein presents himself as ‘author’.  

I am the author of ENKELEN VAN DE ENKELEN.

Important is that because of the translation of ENKELEN VAN DE ENKELEN the actions of Frans en Mien Wijnakker deservedly have gotten a broad American audience.” 

W.J.M. van Tongeren